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Hand-Drawn Family Portraits (Full Body)

Hand-Drawn Family Portraits (Full Body)

PriceFrom HK$450.00

Celebrate a special family with this hand-drawn Digital Illustration Only . Whether you commission it for yourself or gift it to a friend, this portrait will be a great way to commemorate the people who have shaped your life and made you who you are.


Our unique portrait is a great way to show off your family—whether it's immediate or extended. Whether you want to include your pets or grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins… we can customize it to fit your needs.


It will look great framed on your wall or sitting out on the mantle during the holidays. Designed for 8x10 but can be customized to your heart’s liking.


    We want to make sure that your portrait is perfect, so we've made it easy for you to customize before we get started.


    1) After you've selected the number of people/children/pets you'd like to include in the portrait, check out and fill out this form with your photos, outfits details, and other special requests.


    2) Once we receive this information, your order will be placed in the queue. When it's time for your order, we will be in touch and an initial draft will be ready within 1-3 days. Upon receiving the draft, please review it and provide us with feedback. The more feedback you give us, the closer we can get to making the perfect product! Please note that major changes after this stage may incur an extra fee.


    3) After receiving your feedback, we will then proceed onto the digital proof. We will then send it back to you for final approval before moving onto printing (if selected)*. If you have chosen digital file only, this will be emailed to you in PDF/jpeg form.


    4) Enjoy your product!


    It's important to us that you end up with a product you love so don't be shy with reaching out at any stage with questions or comments!



    *For full printing timeline, please visit our FAQs.


    All portraits will be signed and dated by Bite-Sized Doodles. 


    We're proud of our work and would love to share it with the world through our social media pages and website. If you don't want your portrait showcased, please let us know!


    Note: Files are for personal use only and may not be commercially reproduced, sold, or distributed.

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