Happy Valley Hangouts

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

We were recently introduced to Sketchbook Skool and on a whim decided to sign up for Nate Padavick's Illustrating Maps class. The first maps that BSD designed was for the #ABandCDay a few months back and the whole map design process was done by trial-and-error. We sure wish we had taken the class before then because in the class, Nate gives his students a lot of pointers on how to breakdown the map design process into little segments as well as how to streamline the entire design process. Even though this new map is much more complex than the wedding maps, the same amount of time was probably spent on the two. Thanks, Nate!

Anyway, more about this project. We decided to pick a project that was close to heart - The Happy Valley neighbourhood in Hong Kong. We identified our favourite hangouts (places to eat, drink, hangout) and even added a few easter eggs that locals would appreciate. Can you find them?

Here are some process images and highlights of our favourite parts of the map!

Sketches of the key places in Happy Valley - they fall under these categories: 1) landmarks 2) restaurants 3) stores 4) environmental details. Which is your favourite?

Can't come to Happy Valley and not do a night at the races!

Trickest part of this project was making all of the Chinese restaurant icons different! The key was in the little details such as the thousand year egg at Tasty and the egg noodles at Mak Siu Kee. Also, dead frogs for sale today anyone?

What are your favourite icons? Let us know in the comments below!